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Blue Collar Sound and Lights specializes in providing a human touch to every project we are involved in.  As artists ourselves, we understand the challenges that may present during a performance and use our experiences to provide confidence to you for your event.  You focus on your message, we focus on the technical elements that go in to supporting you during that message.  Be it a live music performance, an informational PowerPoint presentation, or a celebratory gathering, give us a call to see how we might be able to help.

We love doing what we do. To bring a smile to someone's face, is priceless.

Live Music Support

Audio is our mainstay as we are also musicians.  Happy to help you out with your next gig, big or small systems available depending upon the need.

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We are continuing to build the lighting inventory for live shows as well as offering DIY rentals for parties.

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From Live Webcasting to Bubble Machines.  We can work with you to provide some very unique experiences.

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